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Access to
Top Talent

Are you finding it challenging to get the right talent that meets your project’s needs?


Staffing Cost

Are you struggling to manage your project’s budget while hiring full-time employees?


Staff Availability

Are you facing delays in getting the right talent for your projects which in turn is impacting your project timelines and goals?

DiLytics Analytics Staff Augmentation Service

DiLytics Analytics Staff Augmentation Service is a one-stop staffing solution that enables organizations to meet their staffing requirements through timely availability of right-qualified and right-shored analytics professionals across a broad range of experience levels, skills and project roles. With over a decade of experience of providing analytics staff augmentation services to several clients, we know what it takes to deliver value to clients when it comes to augmenting their analytics staffing needs.

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Staff Augmentation

Case Study

Case Study


Augments Client with Oracle BI Developer, Oracle ETL Developer, & Tableau Report Developer

Case Study

Case Study


Assigns Certified ServiceNow System Administrator Solution to Improve Process Efficiency

Case Study

Case Study


Equips Client with Subject Matter Experts in OBIEE, Microsoft Power BI & Hyperion Systems

Case Study

Case Study


Augments Client's Team with Business Intelligence Development Expert for Strategic Insights

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DiLytics Provides Staff Augmentation
Services for Various Roles

Data Warehouse Architects
Data Warehouse Leads
Data Warehouse Developers
Data Integration Architects
Business Solution Analyst
Data Analysts
Report Developers
Data Integration Leads
Data Integration Developers
Report Leads
Support Engineers
QA/Test Analysts

Why DiLytics is Your Trusted Partner
for Data Analytics Staff Augmentation?


Domain Expertise

We’ve been a focused data analytics service provider since 2011 and have successfully delivered 100+ projects so far. This has enabled us to build a pool of professionals who are skilled in technical, functional as well as project management areas.


Cost Optimization with Efficiency

Get subject matter experts from USA, Canada, and cost-effective locations like India. These resources undergo structured training programs that comprehensively include aspects of technical, functional, soft skills, cultural adaptability, & company-specific knowledge areas.


Broad Range of Resources

Our resource pool caters to a wide spectrum of roles. Whether you need a BI developer, a data analyst, a data integration expert, a data architect, or a project manager, we have the specialized professionals to meet your project’s precise demands.

Quality of Staff

Quality of Staff

We spend considerable effort understanding project needs, screening the right-fit people, and enabling them via a structured training program that provides the requisite skills (functional, technical, soft, cultural, and company-specific) for the project’s success. Besides this, we significantly upgrade people’s skills via training and certifications.


Quick Provisioning of Staff

We have an in-house pool of people with diverse skills in the data analytics domain. Besides this, we have a proven talent acquisition engine capable of sourcing the right candidates at very short notice. In addition, our structured training programs ensure that the time required to onboard staff on a project is minimized to the maximum extent.


Assured Continuity of Work

We have an established process to ensure continuity of work in situations where there is the threat of disruption due to the unavailability of staff. These range from effective knowledge management to streamlined onboarding of new staff to maintaining a pool of replacement staff in-house to making available a well-oiled recruitment engine.

Get On-Demand Professionals to Augment Your In-House Data Analytics Team

Have a specific project in mind? Tell us about it, and we’ll match you with the perfect professionals. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are staff augmentation services and how can they benefit my business?

    Staff augmentation services involve strategically adding skilled professionals to your existing team to meet specific project requirements or bridge skills gaps. These services can benefit your business in several ways: Flexibility | Cost-Effectiveness | Specialized Expertise | Speed & Efficiency | Reduced Recruitment Hassles | Risk Mitigation

    Do people face any quality issues with the Staff Augmentation model?

    No, there are typically no inherent quality issues with the Staff Augmentation model. The success of staff augmentation largely depends on proper vetting, integration, and management, which can be effectively addressed to ensure high-quality outcomes.

    Is it possible to get a flexible, remote-only, on-demand team?

    Yes, it is possible to assemble a flexible, remote-only, on-demand team. DiLytics provides trained, certified, and experienced professionals catering to your project requirements.

    Are Augmentation services helpful for startups?

    Yes, Augmentation services can be highly beneficial for startups. They provide access to skilled professionals on a flexible basis, which is often cost-effective and helps startups scale their operations, manage projects efficiently, and access specialized expertise without the burden of long-term hiring commitments. It allows startups to focus on their core competencies while quickly adapting to changing needs and project demands.

    Is the Staff Augmentation process costly?

    No, the Staff Augmentation process is typically not considered costly when compared to traditional hiring methods. It allows organizations to access skilled professionals on a temporary or as-needed basis, which can be more cost-effective and efficient in meeting project demands and avoiding long-term employment expenses.

    What steps can I take to enhance the efficiency and timing of my project?

    You can utilize Staff Augmentation to enhance the efficiency and timing of your project significantly. 

    Does Staff Augmentation result in a loss of control over my projects?

    No, Staff Augmentation does not result in a loss of control over your projects. In fact, it can provide greater control by allowing you to define roles and responsibilities for augmented staff while retaining management and oversight. This approach ensures that your projects are aligned with your vision and objectives while offering the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

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