Planning & Budgeting Insight

DiLytics Planning & Budgeting (PBCS) Insight provides the ability to compare plan & budget data across scenarios & versions. DiLytics Planning & Budgeting Insight extracts data from Oracle Planning & Budgeting cubes into a pre-built data warehouse and provides reports & dashboards on PBCS data.

  • Analyze Budget amount by scenarios, versions, department, project, program, etc
  • Get insight into Fixed Cost & variable Cost projections by different dimensions
  • Analyze Budget allocations by position, organization, pay element, account, etc
  • Compare FTE’s by scenarios & versions and slice & dice data by Allocated fund, Allocated Account, Allocated Project, etc.

DiLytics’ prebuilt PBCS Insight Cloud BI Solution is of interest to:

  • Director of Financial Planning
  • Cost Center Manager
  • CFO
  • Budget Administrator

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