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We are a team of senior professionals from
the IT industry who bring experience, energy,
and execution to the table.

We are motivated by the success of our customers.
Our goal is to create immense value for our customers in their
analytics endeavors, for which we are committed to go above-and-beyond.

Shyam founded DiLytics in 2011. Shyam has two decades of experience in the Industry. Shyam was Product Manager at Oracle for Business Intelligence and Analytics, prior to founding DiLytics. Shyam has BS in Engineering and MBA in IT & Finance.

Shyam Panda


Sudhir has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry that spans across presales and delivery functions. Sudhir leads Solution Strategy portfolio at DiLytics. Sudhir holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Electronics) and a Master's degree in Business Administration (Finance).

Sudhir Varma

Vice President - Solution Strategy

Bharat focuses on building new revenue and optimizing sales processes to achieve long-term strategic goals at Dilytics. Bharat brings substantial experience in Business Development, managing enterprise accounts, demand generation, and operations.

Bharat Togarrathi

Vice President - Growth

Jayakanth has over 2 decades of experience in Global Strategic Marketing, Communication, Branding and Digital Marketing. Jay drives the Global Marketing Strategy & Branding at DiLytics. Jayakanth holds a PGDBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune.

Jayakanth Loganathan

Vice President - Marketing

Neeraj has over 10 years experience in the Business Intelligence and Cloud Analytics space. Neeraj leads the onsite and remote BI Service Delivery for DiLytics. Neeraj has BS in Electronics & Communication Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering.

Neeraj Vavilala

Director of Delivery

Srikanth has more than 10 years experience in the Business Intelligence and Cloud Analytics arena. Srikanth leads the onsite and remote Prebuilt Analytics Service Delivery for DiLytics. Srikanth has BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering.

Srikanth Yenimireddy

Director of Solutions

Anju has 8 years of experience in end-end HR management including Talent Acquisition and Talent Management in the IT industry. Anju leads all aspects of HR function for DiLytics India. She has B-tech in ECE and Holds MBA in Human Resources and Personnel Management.

Anju Mohanan

Senior Manager - HR