Center of Excellence

A Multinational Video Game and Digital Entertainment Company was facing challenges in driving the transition of business users from one Business Intelligence tool to another. Due to this, it was not able to derive required adoption of & ROI from the newly implemented Business Intelligence tool.


DiLytics established a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (CoE) for the client, comprising of clients’ IT and business teams. As part of the CoE, DiLytics:

  • Trained Sales and Operations teams to develop their top priority reports on a self-service basis.
  • Provided data definition documentation for the all attributes and metrics in sales reporting subject area
  • Created training materials for users to understand Business Intelligence subject areas and how to develop prompts, reports & dashboards.
  • Reviewed, identified and fixed issues in ETL mappings in enterprise data warehouse

Setting up the Center of Excellence enabled improved user experience significantly by optimization of queries – reduced accounts payable query time from more than eight minutes to less than 32 seconds; reduced accounts receivable query time from more than seven minutes to less than two minutes. This also led to improved uptake of the new reporting tool by users.

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