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Turn Your Data Into Actionable Insights

DiLytics offers best-in-class team and cutting-edge analytics expertise

with industry-leading data analytics tools to help you capture, organize and

analyze your enterprise data for accurate, faster and more informed decision making.

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

Identify and group business-aligned analytics requirements and provide roadmap to implement them.

Technology Evaluation

Provide technology recommendation after comparative assessment on comprehensive set of criteria.

Health Check / Audit

Identify issues with existing application implementation and recommend approach to address them.


Extend features and functionalities to users to enable them use analytics on ‘do-it-yourself’ basis.

Predictive Analytics
and AI

Predict future events by leveraging statistical models trained on historical, current, internal and external data.

Build & Deploy Data Warehouse & ETL

Extract, Transform and Load data from disparate sources to get a unified view of the data.

Source System

Create analytics dashboards on top of source systems, bypassing data integration process.

Implement Custom

Provide reports and dashboards on any industry-leading analytics platform of customer’s choice.

Implement Pre-built

Implement DiLytics proprietary plug-and-play ‘Insight Solutions’ in rapid timeframe.

Extend Existing Analytics

Extend a deployed solution in one or more of these areas - reporting, metadata, DWH, ETL.


Upgrade/Migrate from an older release of technology/application to a newer release.

Managed Services

Ensure that analytics application is up and running at all times and is enhanced from time-to-time.

Application Testing

Execute quality processes to ensure complete alignment of built application with industry standards and user requirements.

Center of Excellence

Employ a self-sufficient construct that ensures running of all analytics operations in an organized and industrialized manner.

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