Staffed Client’s Team with Business Intelligence Development Expert

The client is the second-largest public pension fund provider in the US with more than a million members and beneficiaries.


The client was embarking on a Digital Transformation initiative and was looking for a BI Developer for its Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Project with functional and technical knowledge.

DiLytics provided an experienced BI Developer to deliver the following services:

  • Collaboration with different analytics experts and business stakeholders to design, develop, and deliver BI solutions.
  • Understanding user expectations and crafting solutions accordingly.
  • Analysis of product performance, identification of key metrics, and construction of analytical reports and dashboards.
  • Leading and conducting functional testing of BI solutions.
  • Monitoring and optimizing reports and analytical solutions on an ongoing basis.
  • Reviewing and recommending potential revisions to data-related processes, including data integration, conversion, replication, migration, etc.
  • Creation of user documentation and visual representations of data analysis to maintain data and analysis accuracy and consistency.
  • Provision of written weekly and/or monthly reports with necessary details.

Key business benefits to the client included:

  • Implementing high-priority product development initiatives and meeting organizational objectives and goals
  • Gaining insights into product quality performance
  • Mitigating risks by promptly addressing technical issues and risks

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