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Analytics Migration/Upgrade

Analytics Migration/Upgrade

As companies adapt to market changes, competition and regulations, they need to migrate/upgrade their analytics applications to improve business performance and meet strategic goals. Another driver to migrate/upgrade their analytics applications arises when companies are faced with the situation when their existing application is facing end-of-support situation.

Some of the common questions and decisions that companies have during such times are:

What tasks should I consider in my project plan?
What's involved with upgrading / migrating my analytics application from one platform to another?
Does the new release support the same data source versions we use currently?
Should we apply the next release on top of the old or install a separate environment?

DiLytics takes the guesswork out of analytics migration/upgrade. Our analytics migration/upgrade process ensures that your applications are moved to the target version or platform in a seamless manner. A step-by-step migration/upgrade document details the various steps and informs about ways to guard against possible contingencies at each step of the process.


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