The difficulties faced by logistics companies are very unique in nature. One of the biggest challenges for the logistics industry is achieving on-time delivery and fulfilling service level agreements in the most cost-effective manner. Global economic recession and changing patterns of the world economy have also posed a great challenge to the logistics industry. In such turbulent times, business analytics can help logistic companies determine specific drivers for driving performance. It can pinpoint revenue leakage instances and improve decision-making capability, thereby allowing logistics companies to take timely corrective actions and achieve Service Level Agreements.

Many firms have logistical tools in place that are used to optimize inventory. These applications include the following broad functionalists:

Inventory and queuing models simulate and optimize supply chains.The techniques range from finding intersections of demand and supply curves to linear programming with constraints.

Routing tackle the problem of finding the best path a delivery vehicle should travel to a set of locations.

Crew scheduling schedules resources of an organization. Many different factors such as labor laws, availability, maximum hours and skill sets, need to be taken into account when scheduling resources, which can make it quite complex.

DiLytics has helped customers in the logistics industry to get visibility into their operational bottlenecks and financial data with world class Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions. This is an industry we are very eager to join hands with customers to solve their cumbersome industry problems. Please reach out to us for a courtesy brainstorming session on possible ways to address your challenges and we will provide you with the best professional advice to leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics for meeting your objectives.


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