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What is Your Key Challenge?


Analytical Gap

Are you facing challenges in understanding the driving factors behind financial outcomes despite having a wealth of detailed information?


High Dependency on
MS Excel

Are you struggling to perform variance analysis without exporting data to Excel due to the limited capabilities of the existing solution?


Heavy Reliance on
IT team

Are you facing delays in getting the required insights and foresights into your data due to heavy dependency on bandwidth constrained IT department?


Complex Reporting

Are you facing complexities while building reporting hierarchies that structure data beyond financial dimensions?


Inadequate Integration of

Are you struggling to gain accurate data and facing insight gaps due to data contained in diverse data sources which are not integrated?


Unreliable Data

Are you unable to attend to critical issues in a quick manner and present data to the management confidently due to poor data quality?

Reclaim Your Time to Identify Emerging Trends

Create your powerful business intelligence system that automates the aggregation of financial (GL, AP, AR) and operational data
Easily generate income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, invoice statements, customer reports, vendor reports, trade balances, and more with preconfigured templates, formulas, and financial ratios in just a few clicks
Enhance the capabilities of your spreadsheet reporting and instantly create real-time reports with confidence in the accuracy of your data
Automation empowers individuals outside the finance department to access self-service reporting, easing the burden on financial professionals

For Immediate Finance Value

Create and Engage with a Lively User Interface

Your essential financial data resides within a user-friendly data analytics environment, simplifying the analysis
Tailored to meet your organization's demands - develop business rules and calculations according to your requirements
Integrate and include data from sources beyond your financial ERP system
Obtain total visibility into cashflow, refine inventory management practices, and examine sales and revenue data to pinpoint trends and growth potential

Ready to Discuss Finance Specifics?

Finance reports

Subject Areas

Below are various subject areas that are part of the out-of-the-box Financial Insight Solution:

GL Activity
GL Balance
GL Budget
AR Transactions
AP Payments
AP Distributions
AP Payments Schedule

Case Study

Empowers the Finance & Accounting Team for Efficient Report Generation

Case Study

DiLytics Financial Insight Solution for Effective Business Decision Support

Data Sheet

DiLytics Insight Solution on Oracle for Greater Insights into Finance

Financial Insight Solution is of Interest to:

Chief Financial Officer
Vice-President of Finance
Director of Finance
Cost Center Head
Chief Accounting Officer
Accounting Manager

DiLytics Financial Insight Solution can ‘Go Live’ in a Matter of Weeks


Pre-Built Dashboards


Pre-Built Dashboard Pages


Pre-Built Reports


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Financial Insight Solution on
Microsoft Power BI

Watch a demo of DiLytics Financial Insight Solution on
Microsoft Power BI platform.
Financial Insight DiLytics
Financial Insight DiLytics

Financial Insight Solution on
Oracle Analytics Cloud

Watch a demo of DiLytics Financial Insight Solution on
Oracle Analytics Cloud platform.

Consult with Finance Professionals to Design Your Analytics Solution

DiLytics is ready to provide a full-spectrum Financial Insight Solution, ensuring that you attain the projected ROI and benefits of your corporate finance requirement.

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