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Why Outsource Management
of Analytics Applications?

Data analytics applications are increasingly becoming complex. Hence, the probability of such applications facing an increasing number of post-production issues is also high. Managing such application(s) requires:

Providing a quick and efficient fix for the known issues, and
Carrying out regular enhancements and improvements to ensure that unknown issues are prevented from surfacing in the future.

However, for most companies, the expertise required to manage analytics applications is often not available inhouse. This often leads to:

This results in ‘low user adoption’ of the analytics application(s) which, in turn, becomes the prime reason for analytics programs not achieving their return on investment.


This situation can be averted by outsourcing the management of analytics applications to a specialized and skilled team that has the required knowledge, experience and expertise. This is where DiLytics ‘Manged Services’ offering for analytics can come to the aid of companies.

What does DiLytics’ Managed Services
Offering for Analytics provide?

DiLytics ‘Managed Services’ offering for analytics is a comprehensive set

of below-mentioned services that ensure efficient running of your analytics

applications on an ongoing basis.

Provie helpdesk services - ticket creation, initial ticket triage,
ticket prioritization, end-user ticket communication
Monitor application
Monitor batch jobs
Provide information to users with respect to application navigation or usage, business process and data
User Administration/management - creation/deletion/update of users and user profiles
Apply application patches/patch upgrades
Enable access privileges at application and report level
Perform data fixes - user data correction, reference data updates
Perform bug fixing of reports/dashboards and data feeds
Escalate product-related issues to product vendor and interface with product vendor
Perform root cause analysis of tickets and provide estimated time to action
Perform minor enhancements of reports/dashboards
Create new reports within the schema
Drive continuous service improvement activities
Perform minor changes in existing ETL scripts
Perform ongoing changes to integrations and data feeds
Perform minor changes in data structure
Perform health check activities

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Support and Maintenance Services for Continuous Operational Efficiency & Seamless Performance

Service Variants

These services are made available in the following variants

to suit the varying needs of different companies:

Pro +


Premium +

What Value Does DiLytics Managed
Services Offering Bring to the Table?

The benefits of DiLytics Managed Services offering for analytics can be seen with the
help of a before/after comparison provided in the table below:




Cost of running

BI/analytics application(s)



Ability to carry out timely enhancements/scale up services in BI/analytics application(s)



User Adoption



ROI from analytics investments



Turn-around time for issue resolution



Application Performance



Y-o-Y productivity improvement

Unknown or Minimal

At least 10% y-o-y

Application & Data Availability



Data Reliability



User Happiness/Satisfaction/Experience



Health Check Services



How does DiLytics Provide Managed Services for Analytics?

DiLytics has a well-defined and time-tested methodology for providing managed services for analytics to customers. We typically initiate such services by performing a quick assessment of the customer’s as-is state. This helps in accurately ascertaining the scope of work involved in the managed services phase.


We perform this assessment in quick timeframe and at ‘no cost’ to customers.


So, if you are seeking noticeable improvements in service levels, performance and adoption of your analytics applications, you may avail our managed services offering. Provide us a little more information about yourself and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

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