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Process Manufacturing Insight

DiLytics Process Manufacturing Insight provides insights into the Production Batches, Batch transactions, Recipes, Material Usage, Yield, Planned vs Actual Cost, Scrap, Batch Aging and much more. These insights empower users to identify, track and intervene in problem areas and outstanding issues in the manufacturing process and optimize it to the fullest extent possible.

The solution provides answers to key questions such as:

What is the impact on production quantity if a planned material replenishment is delayed by a month?
What is the feasibility of increasing production quantity in the near-term if the actual demand is x% more than the forecast?
What are batches that need to be firmed because they are planned to begin in next 2-3 weeks?
What cost elements should be targeted to reduce production cost by x%?
How diligently are the batch transaction timings being captured in the system?
What is the difference between planned and actual material usage quantities?
What is the on-hand raw material inventory?
What inventory has already expired and is about to expire?
What is the quantity and value of the inventory being scrapped?

Subject Areas

Below are the various subject areas that are part of

out-of-the-box Process Manufacturing Insight Solution:

Material Usage

Key Features

Along with the subject areas which can be used for ad-hoc analysis and self-service reporting, user will be able to modify/reuse the prebuilt reports and dashboards which are available out-of-the-box. DiLytics Process Management Insight solution comes with:

3 prebuilt dashboards
19 prebuilt dashboard pages
47 prebuilt reports
500+ metrics

Process Management Insight solution is of interest to:

Manufacturing Executives
Production Supervisors
Production Managers
Production Schedulers
Quality Managers

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