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Snowflake Consulting Services

With our knowledge of data analytics, data architecture, data management and data integration, we help clients leverage the power of Snowflake. We offer a wide array of IT services on Snowflake that enable clients to design, implement and manage all their data workloads on a single platform in cloud.

We have made significant investments in developing competency in Snowflake by creating implementation use cases, accelerator solutions, service offerings, and certifications.

DiLytics Implementation Use Cases on Snowflake Data Cloud

Complex Data Transformations

Accurately forecast the likelihood of an employee leaving the organization by analyzing multiple data inputs sourced from a variety of data sources.

forecast revenue

Predict cash inflow based on historical sales data, sales pipeline data, customer business score and market conditions using machine learning model.

Forecast expense

Predict cash outflow based on historical data, inflation, and market conditions using machine learning model.

Forecast Demand

Model and predict future demand by analyzing historical data and using input variables, such as prices, promotions, market growth outlook and competitor data.

asset leasing

Forecast lease outs, turn ins, stock availability and analyze bookings, on-hire fleet, rent rates, utilization by various attributes like customer, asset and lease information.

Warehouse Operations

Forecast asset turn-in, inventory, repair and maintenance cost and sales price; predict rent rates and lease duration.

Transforming and Aggregating Data in Real-Time

Access and analyze data streams in real-time; execute machine learning models in real-time on streaming data.

Complex Data Transformations

Perform complex data manipulation tasks via APIs for data pivoting, filtering, sorting, joining multiple data sets and working with data frames across a wide range of data sources.

DiLytics Insight Solutions on Snowflake Data Cloud

DiLytics offers pre-built, plug-and-play accelerator solutions, branded as DiLytics Insight Solutions‘, for the key corporate functions of Finance, Human Resources and Procurement.

These solutions come with pre-built data model; pre-packaged business metrics, attributes, reports and dashboards; and pre-built data pipelines that integrate data from industry-leading ERP systems such as Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards.

DiLytics Snowflake Service Offerings

implementation and migration

and Migration

Implement Snowflake and migrate customer’s data from legacy systems to Snowflake; set up data pipelines; create data models; optimize data loading and querying.


Data Engineering and Integration Services

Data Engineering
and Integration Services

Integrate Snowflake with one/more data sources; provide data engineering services such as data cleansing, transformation, and enrichment.


Security and Compliance Services

Security and Compliance

Ensure security and compliance of Snowflake instance by configuring access controls, implementing encryption, and monitoring for data breaches.

Performance Optimization and Tuning

Performance Optimization
and Tuning

Improve the performance of Snowflake instance by using clustering keys, enable caching, and optimizing SQL queries.



Managed Services and Support

Managed Services
and Support

Ongoing managed services and support for Snowflake, including monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance.


Our Snowflake Expertise Puts Your Data To Work

Customers can take advantage of Snowflake’s adaptability, performance, and usability by working with Snowflake-certified experts from DiLytics, who can then offer more insightful data analysis and improve business operations.

Utilize our Product Expertise to Unleash the Potential of Your Data

DiLytics has been in the business of providing data analytics services for close to 12 years. During this period, we have maintained a laser-like focus on everything that has to do with analytics and have developed time-tested methodologies for almost every customer need in the analytics domain.

Let's discuss the world of potential and how we can work together to make it a reality.

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