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The nature of Pharma business is such that they cater to a market that is need based rather than want based. In such an industry, it is imperative for Pharma businesses to make their product available to customers when they need it and where they need it. As a result, Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing operations, Distribution and Order fulfillment become key to success of Pharma companies, especially in a complicated global market. To achieve this tall order of managing multiple goals, Pharma organizations need to deploy the best of breed solution for each functional requirement. However, it becomes hard to get an integrated view of Demand, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Sales, etc. So, it is challenging for Pharma companies to:

  • Get insight into Demand Forecasts for different Products by Region and Time period
  • View the health of Supply Chain Planning to ensure it is in line with Demand Forecasts
  • Gain insight into raw material requirement and purchase plan to align with Supply Chain Plan
  • Identify and use expiring inventory before it needs to be scrapped
  • Monitor Production is meeting Supply Chain Planning objectives

With outstanding experience in implementing and deploying best of breed Business Intelligence and Analytics to provide integrated view into your Forecast, Supply Chain Plan, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Sales data from many operational systems, DiLytics is guaranteed to bring you operational and strategic efficiencies as a partner to collaborate in addressing your pain points. Contact us for a free consultation on challenges encountered in achieving your goals and you will be satisfied with your choice.


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About DiLytics

About DiLytics

DiLytics team comes with outstanding and unparalleled expertise & experience with building Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL and Enterprise Performance Management based Analytics solutions. We are passionate to the extent of breathing, drinking and eating BI/EPM.

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About DiLytics

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We at DiLytics thrive in enabling organizations with the appropriate solution to facilitate them to operate optimally based on facts of their operations. We are inspired by the enormous scope for improvement we witness in most organization’s analytical footprint. We take pride in making our customer organizations immensely successful. Contact us for your BI/EPM needs […]

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Every organization of any size and industry has varying needs for different kinds of Business Intelligence Systems. Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to leverage proven methodologies for assured success in all our BI/EPM deployments. We offer the following services in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL and Enterprise Performance Management space.

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