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Human Resources Insight

DiLytics Human Resources Insight Solution provides data analysis on Employee Demographics, Employee Absenteeism, Employee Turnover, Time & Labor, at the highest & most detailed levels. It allows to:

Analyze pay vs. performance, employee turnover, recruitment and headcount, payroll and deductions
Get insight into employee absenteeism, time & labor
Get visibility into employee demographics, compensation and top performers

Subject Areas

Below are the various subject areas that are part of

out-of-the-box Human Resources Insight Solution:

Time & Labor – Processed and Reported Time
Absence Event

Key Features

Along with the subject areas which can be used for ad-hoc analysis and self-service reporting, users will be able to modify/reuse the prebuilt reports and dashboards which are available out-of-the-box. Human Resources Insight Solution comes with:

6 Prebuilt Dashboards
21 prebuilt dashboard pages
357 metrics

Human Resources Insight Solution is of Interest to:

Chief Human Resource/Capital Officer
Vice President of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources
Payroll Manager
Recruitment Manager

Human Resources Insight
on Microsoft Power BI

Watch a demo of DiLytics Human Resources Insight Solution
on Microsoft Power BI platform.

Human Resources Insight
on Oracle Analytics Cloud

Watch a demo of DiLytics Human Resources Insight Solution
on Oracle Analytics Cloud platform.

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