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What is Your Key Challenge?

Unavailable Insights


Is your HR data stored in siloed systems? Is this hampering your ability to get meaningful insights?

Inability to Provide Strategic Direction

Inability to Provide
Strategic Direction

Are lack of employee insights hampering your strategic decision making?

Unoptimized Manpower Level

Manpower Level

Are you struggling to anticipate future skill needs and talent shortages, and align manpower supply with demand?

High Absenteeism


Are you unable to obtain employee absenteeism patterns – incidence, causes, and associated costs?

Ineffective Recruitment


Is your hiring cycle lengthy? Are you tapping the right talent sources?

Unclear Picture of Employee Performance

Unclear Picture of
Employee Performance

Are you unable to identify your valuable employees? Do they feel undervalued compared to lower performers?

HR Insight Solution

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Employees’ Data

Conduct Workforce Analysis like evaluating employee compensation and performance, employee turnover, recruitment and headcount, payroll and deductions, etc
Get insight into Workforce Attendance Analysis including, absenteeism rate, working hours, labor, and more
Get visibility into Talent Profile Analytics including employee demographics, compensation and top performers, etc
Get insight into the number of open and closed requisitions, interviews, offers, acceptances, etc
Analyze the number and quality of applications, recruitment pipeline, and recruitment success rate and get full visibility into recruitment process efficiency
Determine the ideal candidates to hire from optimal locations, design competitive compensation packages, and identify the skills necessary for particular profiles

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Advanced Analytics & Dynamic Dashboards for Your HR Team

Flexible, powerful, and customizable reporting system with customized metrics and dashboards
Get real-time data on various workforce metrics and critical KPIs for a quick assessment of the HR landscape
Effectively manage access to your sensitive employee data using our secure and trustworthy analytics platform
Focus on creating strategies and taking proactive measures while minimizing time on methodical report creation
Get insights into visual representations, such as graphs and charts as a user-friendly way to comprehend complex HR data
Foresee risk of employee attrition, their absenteeism, ad potential skill dearth

Need an HR Analytics Expert?

HR Insight

Subject Areas

Below are the various subject areas that are part of out-of-the-box Human Resources Insight Solution:

Time & Labor – Processed and Reported Time
Absence Event

Human Resources Insight Solution is of Interest to:

Chief Human Resource/Capital Officer
Vice-President of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources
Payroll Manager
Recruitment Manager

DiLytics Human Resources Insight Solution can ‘Go Live’ in a Matter of Weeks


Pre-Built Dashboards


Pre-Built Dashboard Pages


Pre-Built Reports


+ Metrics

Human Resources Insight Solution on Microsoft Power BI

Watch a demo of DiLytics Human Resources Insight Solution on Microsoft Power BI platform.

Human Resources Insight Solution on Oracle Analytics Cloud

Watch a demo of DiLytics Human Resources Insight Solution on Oracle Analytics Cloud platform.

Harness Employee Data for Holistic HR Management

 Leverage DiLytics HR Insight Solution to gain insights into various aspects of human resources management, including talent acquisition, retention, performance evaluation, overall workforce planning, and more. This analytics solution facilitates informed decision-making in your HR team and fosters a significantly improved personnel management.

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