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As companies adopt data analytics at an enterprise level, the issues related to areas such as governance, reuse, knowledge management, training, adoption and resource management become impediments in realizing return on investment (RoI) and time-to-market benefits from their analytics investments.  These can be addressed by establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) that plays a key role in establishing your long-term vision, devising a methodical way for approaching analytics initiatives and achieving analytics maturity.

In our experience, some of the key business drivers for companies to create an analytics CoE include the need to:

Improve the quality of analytics delivery
Provide flexibility in analytics resource management
Manage the costs of analytics projects
Provide experienced resources
Make available common guidelines and systems to measure, monitor and optimize the results from analytics investments

DiLytics consultants are uniquely skilled to address the challenges that you may face in expanding the scope, visibility and vitality of your analytics initiatives.  Our CoE services will allow convergence of analytics related services across your company for efficient, consistent and centralized roll-out of analytics initiatives with improved RoI.

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