Retail Analytics


In today’s world, Retail businesses have become quite complex. This is due to the interdependencies that exist across various core business functions such as Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Operations, Merchandising, Pricing and Customer Experience and which are not supported by the siloed transactional systems. Hence, the main challenge for companies in this industry lies in creating an integrated, enterprise-wide view of various aspects of their business.

As a result of the presence of disparate siloed transactions systems, it is tough to accomplish some of the following in Retail industry:

Monitor available inventory.
Get visibility into manufacturing operations.
Quantify supplier performance.
Manage suppliers more effectively and optimize spend.
Compare B2B and B2C sales volumes.
Get insight into customer profile and buying behavior.

With our expertise in integrating data from multiple transactional systems to build Data Warehouse based Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions for many customers in Retail industry, we are well placed to be your partner of choice in addressing your business challenges.

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