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Health Check /Audit

With increasing data volumes, customer base, complex requirements, limited resources, performance of analytics systems has become all the more critical. Hence, there is a need for companies to either pre-empt the performance issues or resolve any performance bottlenecks by doing a through health check of their analytics implementation.

More often than not, issues that companies face with regards to the system performance, data integrity and maintainability of their analytics implementations can be attributed to issues in the way the various components in the data integration, data warehouse and data visualization layers have been configured. This can be due to a variety of reasons both technical (such as ‘unfamiliarity of the implementation team about the product features and vanilla functionality’, ‘flawed technical architecture’, etc.) or operational (such as ‘requirements change during implementation because of which some patches may have been applied’, ‘inefficient team structure’, ‘improper project planning’ etc.)

This is where DiLytics health check service comes in handy. It provides an opportunity for independent assessment of your analytics environment to uncover the issues, concerns and challenges. It provides you the means to review and validate the technical approach used, the project processes followed, best practices implemented and provides recommendations to rectify identified issues. The recommendations thus provided can also be used as best practices that can be followed to ensure a more efficient system that will not face similar issues in future changes and implementations.

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