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Health check and Audit

Health Check /Audit

With increasing data volumes, customer base, complex requirements, limited resources, performance of analytics systems has become all the more critical. Hence, there is a need for companies to either pre-empt the performance issues or resolve any performance bottlenecks by doing a through health check of their analytics implementation.

What are the Typical Issues in Analytics Implementation?

Most analytics implementations that go wrong lead to issues in the smooth functioning of the application. This affects the organization’s decision-making capability which adversely impacts the overall business and its return on investment. These issues can be attributed to both technical and operational reasons.

Health check and Audit

What is Analytics Health Check/Audit?

In order to identify the underlying reasons behind the issues found in analytics implementations and to rectify them, a process needs to be developed that will identify all the technical and operational positives as well as the areas requiring improvements. This is where health check/audit service comes in handy.


It provides an independent assessment of your analytics environment to uncover the issues, concerns and challenges. It provides you the means to review and validate the technical approach used, the project processes followed, best practices implemented and provides recommendations to rectify identified issues.


The recommendations thus provided can also be used as best practices that can be followed to ensure a more efficient system that will not face similar issues in future changes and implementations.

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health check and audit

Why Analytics Health Check/Audit?

Analytics health check/audit is necessary for companies to:

Check if they are getting optimum business benefits out of their analytics investments.
Uncover issues, concerns and challenges related to performance, configuration, maintenance, data, etc.
Review and validate the technical approach used for existing analytics implementation.
Review and validate whether the optimal project processes and best practices have been followed.
Identify areas of improvement in the current analytics implementations.
Obtain refined guidelines for executing future analytics projects by avoiding repeat of similar issues.

When to do Analytics Health Check/Audit?

Companies may perform health check of their analytics implementations:

Proactively - during upgrades, rollouts and enhancements to make sure that everything is working properly
Reactively - as a reaction to the issues in the existing system leading to discontent among the end users.

How to do Analytics Health Check/Audit?

DiLytics follows its 4-step methodology to conduct analytics health check/audit exercise for companies in a quick timeframe of 4-6 weeks. For more information about DiLytics methodology, please provide us additional information and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

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