Manufacturing Analytics

An American Biotechnology Company’s manufacturing team was facing several challenges in its manufacturing process, such as:

  • Lack of visibility into production quantity, percentage produced on time/late, percentage scrap, etc.
  • Difficulty in obtaining insight into planned cost vs. actual cost, cost variance and percentage variance, cost elements.
  • Difficulty in measuring planned vs. actual material and resource usage, material and resource usage variance and percentage variance.
  • Limited visibility into material type, resource and operation.
  • No measurement of batch aging and batch cycle time.
  • Cumbersome to get the count of the number of open work orders by order status.
  • Lack of trustworthy data for inventory balances, aging, inventory expiration days.

DiLytics implemented a Manufacturing Analytics solution for the client in a short period of 100 days. The solution provided client’s manufacturing supervisors and executives visibility into the latest production data, enabling them get answers to the make following types of decisions easily:

  • What is the impact on production quantity if a planned replenishment is delayed by a month?
  • What is the feasibility of increasing production quantity if actual demand is X% more than forecast for one of the near-term periods?
  • What cost elements to target to reduce production cost by 5%?
  • How is the timeliness of transactions on the floor?
  • How accurate are our planned order quantities vs actual material requirements

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