Fixing of Data Accuracy Issues

An American Manufacturer and Distributor of Candies had implemented a BI application to analyze its sales and inventory data. However, it quickly ran into problems with data accuracy in a number of Oracle Analytics Cloud reports. In order to apply industry standards to Oracle Analytics Cloud, data warehouse design, and ETL architecture, the customer sought to assess its present Oracle Analytics Cloud deployment.


DiLytics carried out the validation of the existing design and perform necessary changes, fixing data accuracy issues in the current Oracle Analytics Cloud implementation, and extending the data warehouse including various activities.


DiLytics also provided support and maintenance services for the enhanced Oracle Analytics Cloud implementation for a period of two (2) years.

Key business benefits to the client included:

  • Improved insights on sales and inventory via analytical reports with high-fidelity data.
  • Efficient inventory utilization with decreased stock-outs and overages.
  • Increase sales through a dynamic product mix.

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