Supply Chain Planning Analytics

An American Biotechnology Company did not have visibility into supply chain planning data. Due to this, its planners had to spend substantial manual effort to get up-to-date supply chain planning related information for end-of-month reporting. They faced difficulty and delays in providing answers to common ad hoc questions to support management decisions, such as:

  • What is the impact on available inventory (Months on Hand) if a planned replenishment is delayed by a month?
  • What is the impact to the replenishment plan if actual demand is x% more than forecast for one of the near-term periods?
  • What are the optimal parameters of the supply chain plan to keep the inventory positions within the prescribed range at all times?

Lastly, the supply chain planning process was being executed in reactive rather than proactive mode due to lack of visibility into dynamic inventory positions and unavailability of alerts based on real-time supply chain data.


DiLytics’ partnered with the client to implement a solution based on Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center across three phases.  The solution enabled analytical insights in the areas of Inventory Overview/balance, Safety Stock vs. Projected Inventory, Months on Hand (MOH) Overview/Item Status, Production Plan Overview/Fill/Fill Schedule/Pack/Pack Schedule, Order Forecast, Plan Vs. Actual Ship Quantity.


The visibility into the latest supply chain planning data provided the necessary ability to planners to make efficient planning decisions. Also, elimination of manual effort required to produce supply chain planning reports, enabled planners to focus on optimization of supply chain process.

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