Student Analytics Solutions

The client is the 2nd largest US school district, 600k+ K-12 students at 1k+ schools and 200+ charter schools. Covers 720 sq mi including Los Angeles & 31 municipalities and several unincorporated regions of Southern California.


The client used multiple complex systems to manage regular & special student education programs. These systems were disparate and ran on different technology platforms. The key challenges in front of the client were to

  • Consolidate millions of records of data from these disparate and complicated systems.
  • Be able to provide scalable performance to thousands of business users to perform self-service analytics on the consolidated data.

DiLytics partnered with the client to install OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition & Oracle Data Integrator). The solution enabled the following insights for the client as Student to a class assignment, Teacher-to-class assignment, Staff to class assignment, Schedules, Attendance, Disciplinary, Grades/Scores and for Students With Disabilities (SWD).

Key benefits include

  • Better management of services for SWD by administrators.
  • Empowering families of SWD to participate in their children’s education.
  • Real-time visibility into data through automated nightly refreshes.
  • Super users can create analyses quickly with available business dictionary.

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