Pack and Fill Planning Analytics

The customer was facing issues with respect to communicating important information to key internal stakeholders and CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations). The client felt a need for a solution that could provide a comprehensive record of the pack and fill planning to its key stakeholders.


DiLytics helped the customer by providing the pack-and-fill analytics solution to the client on Oracle Analytics. The reporting solution provided the following information, item-wise:

To the client’s internal staff:

  • Projected Demand
  • Work Orders
  • Planned Orders
  • Lot Number of the ingredient reserved for the Work Order
  • Beginning On Hand inventory
  • Projected On Hand inventory
  • Safety Stock
  • Months on Hand

To the client’s CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization):

  • Work Orders
  • Planned Orders

DiLytics solution provided business benefits to the client such as

  • Improved planning and scheduling of the pack-and-fill process
  • Minimization of deviation from the pack and fill plan
  • Prevention of shipment delays and quality issues

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