Multiple Analytics Solutions

An American Biotechnology was expanding globally and needed enterprise-scale systems to support its growth. While transitioning to core systems helped, they still faced challenges with basic reporting and obtaining visibility into their data and business processes across functions. They faced difficulty and delays in providing answers to common ad hoc questions to support management decisions, across various functions such as Supply Chain Planning, Demand Forecasting, Manufacturing, Compliance, Recruitment & Finance

DiLytics partnered with the client and implemented several analytics solutions on Oracle Analytics across different corporate functions of the client. The solution enabled analytical insights in the areas of:

  • Supply Chain Planning: Inventory Overview/balance, Safety Stock vs. Projected Inventory, Months on Hand (MOH) Overview/Item Status, Production Plan Overview/Fill/Fill Schedule/Pack/Pack Schedule, Order Forecast, Plan Vs. Actual Ship Quantity.
  • Demand Forecast: Forecast accuracy/changes/bias, Shipment Forecast, Out-of-Trend Forecast, etc.
  • Manufacturing: Production Batch Transactions, Indented BOM (Bill of Material), Material Usage Variance/Transactions, Routing Details, Material Aging, Scrap, Inventory Expiration/Adjustments, Real-Time Inventory, Zero Stock, Stock Outs
  • Compliance: Confirmed Out of Specification (OOS)/Out of Trend (OOT), Product Complaint Rate, Deviation Rate Per Day, Product Complaint Closure Rate, Closure Rate for Deviations, and Corrective Actions Preventive Actions (CAPAs)
  • Recruitment: Recruitment process: Employment brand, sourcing, assessment, offer, onboarding, turnover, diversity, internal mobility, and Recruitment effectiveness: process effectiveness, quality of hire, recruiting performance, technology utilization, hiring mix and volume, recruiting staff.
  • Finance: Invoice Register Check, VAT Detail, VAT Summary, Account Reconciliation, and GL Detail for Capitalization

This enabled to make efficient planning decisions based on visibility into the latest supply chain planning data, improve demand forecast accuracy, Savings in manual effort spent by manufacturing supervisors in deriving manufacturing reports, Facilitation of compliance with industry best-practice standards and Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA) reporting expectations, Improved efficiency in recruitment function and Superior insights into Finance with visibility into General Ledger postings and easy drill-down into sub-ledger.

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