Material Requirement Planning Analytics

The customer was facing a challenge with respect to determining which raw material needs replenishment and hence needs to be ordered, when to be ordered, in what quantity, and when the delivery of the order should be scheduled.


In addition, the customer also wanted information that would help it to identify what raw material items will create a production shortage, what raw material items in quarantine should be released and by when, and what raw material items should be called from the local warehouse in order to release it on time for the next production work order.

DiLytics extended the current reporting solution in Oracle Analytics by:

  • Creating new tables and adding columns to existing tables in Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Developing ETL code using Informatica to extract data required for  MRP Analytics reporting from EBS into EDW staging tables
  • Developing ETL code using Informatica to load data required for  MRP Analytics reporting from the EDW staging tables into Facts and dimensions
  • Modeling the extended EDW tables in Oracle Analytics to create metrics and attributes
It has also provided reports on the following

DiLytics implemented a solution on Oracle Analytics that involved:

  • Items with BOH Below Safety stock
  • Need by to Promise date PO
  • OTD to Promise date PO
  • Past Due PO Confirmation
  • Past Due PO
  • Past Due RM QA Release
  • Planned Orders Compression Lead Time
  • PO Lines created from MRP
  • PO Reschedule In-Out
  • Production Shortage Dashboard

DiLytics key business benefits to the client included

  • Improved inventory control via better scheduling and ordering for raw material items
  • Increased production efficiency

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