Employment Services and Benefits Customer Service Analytics

The Client is a department of one of the major cities of the US and is the central resource for public assistance in the city.


The client faced challenges with their existing data management systems, which were scattered across multiple platforms and databases. This fragmentation hindered their ability to access pertinent and reliable data in a timely manner. As a result, the client recognized the need for an integrated solution that would streamline data collection, processing, storage, reporting, and analysis, enabling them to retrieve and share essential managerial information more efficiently throughout the organization.


To address these issues, the client embarked on a project to implement a new Business Intelligence (BI) solution. This solution aimed to support their strategic analytical reporting and analysis initiatives, as well as provide improved operational reporting capabilities. By adopting a comprehensive BI system, the client sought to consolidate their disparate data sources, enhance data accessibility, and enable faster and more accurate decision-making processes.


The desired outcome of this initiative was to establish a unified and robust reporting framework that would empower the client with comprehensive insights derived from integrated data sources. With a new BI solution in place, the client aimed to enhance their ability to generate meaningful reports, perform in-depth data analysis, and effectively share crucial information across departments, thereby improving overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


DiLytics implemented the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services (BICS) solution for Employment Services Business Group and Benefits Net Business Groups.

Key benefits include

  • Greater Insight into Programs
  • Improved productivity and ease-of-use of report generation by replacing multiple tools with a unified one.
  • Improved speed-to-delivery of analytical reports for IT, Planning, and Programs staff.

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