eBusiness Tax Analytics

The customer’s Finance team was using complex SQL packages and Excel macros and pivots for reporting on eBusiness Tax (tax on buying/selling of goods/services). However, it was facing multiple issues related to file transfer, file size, file location, frequent corruption of macros, etc. with the existing reporting tool. Further, the tool was not supported by the client’s IT department. Hence the client wanted to build this functionality in a reporting tool.

DiLytics extended the current reporting solution in Oracle Analytics by:

  • Creating new tables and adding columns to existing tables in Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Developing extract, transform and load (ETL) code using Informatica to extract data required for eBusiness Tax reporting from EBS into EDW staging tables
  • Developing ETL code using Informatica to load data required for eBusiness Tax reporting from the EDW staging tables into Facts and dimensions
  • Modeling the extended EDW tables in Oracle Analytics to create metrics and attributes
It has also provided reports on the following
  • Invoice Register Check
  • Expected vs Effective
  • Account Reconciliation
  • CSUT NSA Detail & CSUT Self Assessed Detail
  • Rec – VAT Detail
  • IE VAT Summary

DiLytics key business benefits to the client included

  • Enabled P2P process to run smoothly by ‘automatically’ calculating the tax (whether US Sales tax or EU VAT) that should be applied to the invoices.
  • Provided an opportunity for the Finance team to efficiently report transactions.

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