Demand Forecasting Analytics

DiLytics implemented a Demand Forecasting Analytics solution for a Biotechnology Company enabling accurate, data-driven demand forecasts.

An American Biotechnology Company was facing challenges due to a lack of insights into:

  • Accuracy of predicting demand for its products.
  • Inconsistencies in the supply chain in terms of the production of goods, their delivery, and their inventory.

DiLytics implemented a solution on Oracle Analytics that involved:

  • Loading planned data from Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) and actual manufacturing orders execution, and inventory data from EBS into Data Warehouse.
  • Building metrics, KPIs, dimensions and hierarchies on the operational data, planning data, inventory data, and manufacturing execution data in Oracle BI Server.
  • Building reports, dashboards, conditional alerts, and guided navigations in Oracle BI Presentation Server.

DiLytics solution provided reports and dashboards which helped the client to overcome their supply chain challenges and achieve their objectives. The solution provided visibility and insights into demand forecasting and supply chain performance, leading to

  • Accurate, data-driven demand forecasts
  • Increased supply chain efficiency and
  • Reduction in inventory holding costs

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