Data Warehouse Strategy and Roadmap Exercise

The client is a government agency responsible for the welfare and safeguarding of the rights of its workers, employers, and citizens.


The client’s existing on-premise data warehouse was in a weak-performing state and did not fit the needs of its various supporting departments. As a result, the client couldn’t capitalize on market trends and had to delay or postpone several projects.

DiLytics provided the ‘Data Warehouse Strategy and Roadmap’ service to the client for assessing the issues in their entirety and providing actionable and pertinent recommendations. This exercise involved:

  • Holding meetings and interviews with Business & IT stakeholders from different divisions.
  • Reviewing and analyzing existing IT architecture, processes, and.
  • Evaluating the existing platform.
  • Identifying issues, gaps, and technology deficiencies.
  • Providing necessary recommendations w.r.t. functional features, technical architecture, training, hardware, and more.
  • Identifying the most suitable action plan and presenting a corresponding schedule, budget, and team for its execution.

The key benefits include:

  • Availability of best-practice aligned next steps, to resolve the issues with its existing data warehouse.
  • Optimal utilization of sunk investments in the data warehouse.

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