Cost Transparency Analytics

DiLytics implemented Cost Transparency Analytics for an American Biotechnology Company to enable the Optimization of Cost at the Program Level.


The customer’s Finance Team (FP&A – Financial Planning and Analysis team) faced challenges with transactional reports containing disaggregated information, making it difficult to understand costs and variances from budgeted values for different programs. Further, the CCMs didn’t have visibility into transactional reports. The burden of cost analysis fell on the FP&A team, resulting in a lack of accountability for business activities.

The customer aimed to automate cost transparency reporting in Oracle Analytics to provide the Finance Team with access to transaction and aggregated level information for different programs, enabling them to explain variances in budgeted and actual values.

DiLytics extended the current reporting solution in Oracle Analytics by:

  • Extending Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to create new tables and add columns to existing tables
  • Developing Extract, Transform & Lead (ETL) code using Informatica to extract data from the source database into EDW staging tables
  • Developing ETL code using Informatica to load data from EDW staging tables into Facts and dimensions
  • Modeling the extended EDW tables in Oracle Analytics to create metrics and attributes
It has also provided reports on the following
  • Time Reporting
  • CCM Program Reporting – Summary View
  • CCM Program Reporting – Transaction View

DiLytics solution provided business benefits to the client such as

  • Improved accountability for various business activities
  • Improved identification of cost-reduction areas
  • Improved regulatory compliance

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