Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

A Leading Container Leasing Company had embarked upon a Business Intelligence initiative to meet its analytical reporting needs in a manner that would reduce its traditional dependence on the IT department.


DiLytics carried out the BI Strategy and Roadmap exercise for the company over a period of 6 weeks. As part of the exercise, DiLytics interviewed business users from functions such as Finance, Billing, Leasing Operations and Repair as well as IT team. DiLytics reviewed client’s overall business strategy, devised their analytics strategy, captured high-level business requirements with respect to objects to be analyzed, KPIs and metrics of interest, reports and dashboard requirements, sources of data, and security needs. In addition to this, DiLytics provide a 3-phase roadmap for implementation of the recommended BI strategy.

This exercise enabled the client to think through in advance to make informed decisions about how to channelize BI investments and, thereby, reduced the risk of failure of its BI program.

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