Center of Excellence

Establish a BI Center of Excellence for maximum ROI

DiLytics established a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI COE) at one of its clients. They implemented Financial Analytics, Supply Chain & Order Management Analytics, Procurement & Spend Analytics to leverage the prebuilt content and integration with data source. Finance, Sales and Operations teams were earlier using a particular BI tool for a long time before deploying our recommended Analytics application. To drive the business users’ transition from one Analytics tools to the other, and derive the maximum adoption & ROI, DiLytics established a BI COE in partnership with the customer’s IT and business teams.

Reasons for Implementing BI Center of Excellence:

  • BI Center of Excellence is for real and not just a concept
  • Technical success in implementing BI enterprise wide is a prerequisite but not sufficient to derive optimal adoption and ROI from your BI investment
  • Business users require gradual hand-holding to transition from one BI paradigm to another, even in a very intuitive BI framework
  • Establishing a BI COE begins with “Show & Tell”
  • Facilitating the business users to be self-sufficient goes a long way in user adoption
  • Enabling business users to develop their Reports/Dashboards in a self-service fashion lowers TCO
  • Identifying business user champions is key to successful COE

This will help you to learn how to leverage:

  • Enhance the COE development process
  • Documentation of BI metadata content to expand usage of BI/Analytics
  • Live and recorded training to drive new user adoption of BI/Analytics

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