Assessment and Strategy Roadmap

DiLytics team comes with extensive experience in analyzing your current enterprise analytics capabilities and environment, and apply the industry best practices to recommend steps to improve it to the desired level of maturity, and also empower users by providing formal training as well as setting up procedures for further development, maintenance and continuous improvement.

Evaluate Current State:
DiLytics team reviews the existing business functions, activities, and technical environment as well as planned/ongoing implementations. By assessing current technical architecture and stakeholders in existing processes, DiLytics team evaluates key success factors, improvement opportunities, and challenges.

Future State Requirements:
DiLytics team helps identify the future state requirements based on current state assessment and recommendations, to define the organization’s data and analytics structure in alignment with the organization’s objectives and strategic goals.

Gap Analysis:
DiLytics team helps identify the people, process and technology required to move from the current state to the desired state.

Data Analytics Implementation Roadmap:
DiLytics team helps develop the data and analytics implementation roadmap that explains the milestones required to achieve the desired state.

Training plays an important role in ensuring data governance and implementation of industry best practices for successful implementation and further enhancement of data analytics capabilities within the organization. DiLytics team provides the required training sessions and materials that are available to the users at any time, empowering users to prepare the data and build reports for trusted analytics and decision making.

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