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Business Development Manager

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Employment Type: Full Time (Permanent)

Position Overview

Are you a dynamic, results-oriented individual ready to take on the role of Business Development Manager at DiLytics? If so, DiLytics is looking for a Business Development Manager like you to join our growing team! Join our team and be a part of a workplace recognized and Certified as a ‘Great Place to Work,’ where your contributions will thrive in a positive and supportive environment.


As a Business Development Manager, you will lead our Business Development team and shape a sales funnel. You’ll be at the forefront of driving impactful outbound campaigns, conducting industry analysis, and crafting a targeted customer database.

Who We Are

DiLytics is a leading Analytics Solutions and Services provider company focused on cutting-edge Analytics Technologies. We have been growing consistently over the years having a presence in the US, Canada, and India. With 12+ years of experience, we assist our clients in capturing, organizing, and analyzing your enterprise data, enabling quicker, more accurate, and well-informed decision-making.

What does this role entail

  1. Demand Generation Team Leadership and Sales Funnel Optimization: You will be the driving force behind our demand generation team. Your role extends beyond management – you will architect and implement innovative strategies, fine-tuning the sales funnel to perfection and helping our business grow to new heights.


  1. Collaborative Campaigns with Sales and Marketing Teams: Spearheaded the design and execution of impactful outbound campaigns with our Sales and Marketing teams. Your expertise will play a major role in working together with Sales and Marketing, maximizing lead generation, and significantly improving conversion rates.


  1. Strategic Industry Analysis and Customer Database Development: Identify trends, opportunities, and challenges through comprehensive industry analysis. Your strategic insights will drive decision-making, and refine a robust database of target customers.


  1. Multi-Touch Prospect Communication via Social Media: Create effective ways to talk to potential customers using social media, make plans for reaching out to them multiple times, and build and grow relationships.

What are We Looking for?

A professional who can:

  • Develop and implement dynamic communication strategies for effective outreach.
  • Execute multi-touch engagement plans across diverse channels, with a special emphasis on social media platforms.
  • Cultivate and nurture relationships with potential customers to enhance our organization’s market presence.
  • Create an incredible mark through impactful communication that resonates with our target audience.
  • Strengthen the overall market position of our organization by consistently building and maintaining meaningful connections with prospective clients.

What will it be Like to Work for DiLytics?

Innovative Culture: We foster a culture of creativity and innovation where your ideas will be valued and put into action. We promote a startup-like culture at DiLytics, a flat hierarchy, and a diverse, T-shaped skill set approach among team members.


Career Growth: We invest in our employees’ growth and development, offering opportunities for advancement and ongoing learning. For instance, we provide our employees with the opportunity to select a Master’s Degree Program that aligns with their career goals, all fully covered by the company.


Opportunities for Professional Certifications: Enhance your expertise and stay at the forefront of the industry with our support for professional certifications.


Impactful Work: Join us on a journey where your contributions resonate far beyond the boundaries of your job description. Here, impactful work isn’t just a goal; it’s a way of life.


Politics Free: At DiLytics, we’ve mastered the art of ‘politics-free’ coffee breaks. We prefer brewing success over brewing office dynamics.


Health-Centric Workplace: Energize your workday with healthy snacks. We’re committed to our employees’ well-being, offering health checkups and a furnished gym with a trainer to keep them in peak form right at the workplace.


Fun-Filled Fridays: At DiLytics, Fridays aren’t just the end of the workweek; they’re the beginning of a fantastic weekend. Join us for our weekly Friday Fun activities, where we put our brains to the test with quizzes, puzzles, and spark-friendly competition ending with tasty snacks. 


  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Proficient in CRM Software such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.
  • Expertise in utilizing demand generation and sales enablement tools available in the market.
  • Proficient in MS Office applications.
  • Bring a minimum of 10+ years of experience in IT Services, specifically in lead generation and prospecting, with capabilities in team management.
  • Previous experience in the Analytics & Data domain is advantageous (Data Warehouse, BI, Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, etc.).
  • Exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to initiate calls, engage with potential customers, and follow up effectively.
  • Display a strong commitment to learning and professional development.
  • Demonstrate a proactive attitude towards winning new business.
  • Showcase strong networking skills, with the ability to nurture leads, build relationships, and effectively influence and negotiate with others.
  • Be a self-motivated professional with a track record of achieving and proving sales results.

Interested candidates, contact us, and let’s turn your career into an exciting journey!

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